Five Ways to Improve Your Manuscript:

Revision is an intricate and important part of the writing process, and one which many writers would rather ignore. After the initial excitement of finally finishing your book, the thought of going over the manuscript again and again can seem tedious. But books that have not been carefully revised will almost always be rejected, so spending the time now can save you frustration in the long run.

1. Put the manuscript away for at least a couple of days.

2. Read the whole book from start to finish in one sitting. Don’t make any changes now, but jot notes to yourself in the margins of the manuscript if anything pops out as needing work.

3. Cut, condense and tighten. Once you have the major elements of your book in place, you’re ready to cut.

4. Look at the details. Now you’re going to go through the book, paragraph by paragraph, and fine-tune your prose.

5. Watch out for weak spots. Know where your weaknesses are as a writer and learn to spot them in your manuscript.

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