Writing Technique Tips for Beginners

If you want to become a successful writer, you should read some useful tips for writing a novel. Every writer can get to know something new from other writer because we all are very different and have absolutely different experience. You can also consider that you are so smart that you know everything, but it’s never too late to get a new knowledge and use it in your life. So I offer to read these fiction writing tips that will help you to become a great author.

Hold to a plan every day!

If you want to be a writer, everyday efforts are very important. You should write the similar quantity of words every day. “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” is a very popular and useful proverb for everybody, who wants to achieve success. Every morning, you should wake up and plan your day to write you want in time. If you have missed last day and haven’t written anything, writing today twice as much as yesterday is a bad idea, because you will be exhausted and won’t be able to write tomorrow.
But if you have missed a day and had a rest, start to work with renewed vigour next day. If you want to write your own book, never stop! Every new day is a great chance to do something important. Everything you need to block that prevented you yesterday and to take inspiration for next efforts.

Have a rest regularly!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Everybody knows it’s necessary to have a good rest to work hard. If you can’t have a rest, you will not be able to do work first-rate. It is subject not only to writers but also to other specialists in different departments. You can’t crash anything to create something new, for example, to start creative writing or build a new house, grow a tree or help homeless people.
All successful writers plan their rest. Your brain needs oxygen to have new ideas for your novel. Where will you take inspiration from, if you don’t go anywhere, stay at home within four walls and don’t communicate with other people? New people, places, emotions give us new ideas for our feats and creations.
Even though writing books isn’t physical work, but your brain is tired as a body. As sportsmen need a rest for their bodies, writers need a rest for their brains and souls. Writing books is very exhausting work. We can’t generate new ideas without a little rest. So if you are really tired, take a leave and try to forget your everyday writer’s problems to gain strength and to start working efficiently again. It’s better to spend several days for your rest than working non-efficiently.

Every little thing is very important for those who want to be a writer.

Many creative persons think that if they are suffering from something they can write, create music or draw pictures better. But let’s try to make sense of it! Is it true or false? If we are fed and satisfied, we work better, don’t we? So why doesn’t this rule apply to writers? Why must writers suffer to write something that is worthy of attention? Maybe, writers are the same people like others and they needn’t suffer from starting creative writing. Maybe, it’s better to eat and sleep well, than to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes as many beginners do. Also, exercises can be very useful for writer’s health because it’s very difficult to sit in a chair and type all day. So if you want to be a writer, take care of your health.
You should eat sensible meals, do exercises, plan you work and take a recess to work effectively. If you spend more time to take care of your health, you get more time for good working. It’s not a fake, it’s true.

Don’t forget about reading!

Every writer must read as much as possible. Reading boosts your brain up. It’s necessary to expand your vocabulary, to take new ideas, to study writing as other more popular authors of bestsellers. It’s very important because you can’t write literature fiction, as there wasn’t any literature before you. Everything you can is to improve that other people have created before you. You must always remember this rule because it’s the base of good writing.
Sometimes young writers think why they must read to write best selling fiction books. They think they are very smart and talented not to do this one. But don’t forget that the great names of history failed forward to success. What will you repeat mistakes that you can avoid for? Isn’t it sensible to avoid mistakes that other writers have ever made? You will say that you don’t have any time to read classic novels. But it’s the base of good writing. It’s the same as you want to dance well you must do exercises every day. If you don’t want to read books of other writers, it means you don’t want to start creative writing. Reading is the same work as writing.

Find out your weakness and fight against it!

It’s very easy to stay at a comfort zone and not to care about anything. It’s very convenient way to spend your life. It’s not necessary to go through the mill to become a writer. But you will never become a really great writer not struggling against difficulties. If you don’t have any experience, you won’t be able to become a bestselling author.

You will never become a great detective author if you can’t write funny stories. If you can’t write a poem, you won’t be able to write a bestselling novel. The literature is integral. So if you want to become a great writer, you must read not only that books you like, you must read fiction books, detective stories, love stories, horror stories, poems, and other genres and practice in its writing.
If you can’t create picturesque characters, let’s practice! If you can’t create intriguing dialogs, you must study to do it. If you can’t start your story interestingly, you must try and try until you do it. Nothing is impossible.

So let’s resume! You should take all these bits of advice into account to be one of top fiction authors. You shouldn’t omit any little thing from this list. Every detail is very important because this can be the detail that will play the lead role in your own writing practice.